Since I first started talking about possibly doing the dual sport tours, my close buddy Shea Fouchek has pretty much had dibs on the first ride! I’ve known Shea since meeting him at the racetrack back in 2005. We’ve competed against each other, road tripped to races together, and now we both work together at Colin Edwards’ Texas Tornado Boot Camp as instructors. He got to visit Eureka Springs on our pass through town from TTBC to the Indy MotoGP this past summer. I didn’t have any bikes for him to ride at the time, so I just took him dirt roading in my old pickup and he’s been itching to ride ever since.

Our schedules have been pretty full lately but luckily he could come up right before the holidays while we’ve been having such amazing weather. Shea brought his girlfriend, Heather, along on the trip and he was asking if we could maybe take her to a few cool places after we were done riding one day. I threw out the idea of letting her ride with me on the back of my DR 650 so he could have fun riding solo and she could see all of the cool stuff along the way. Everyone was up for the idea so it all worked out perfect!

Right before we left, Shea busted out a pair of Scala Riders. I’ve never ridden and been able to talk to other riders in my group while riding before, so that was an awesome experience! We mounted the right up to our helmets and started shredding the gravel roads. It was so cool to be able to let Shea lead, since I was going a bit slower with Heather on the back, and be able to tell him if there was an intersection or sharp corner ahead. I look forward to getting some those for the business to make my life much easier.

We ended up seeing some waterfalls, a couple good overlooks, and 124 miles of fun dirt roads! I’ve been getting some great feedback and ideas from my friends and it’s been great to get some non-local opinions of what I’m doing. All in all, it was a great day of exploring and I feel like Arkansas left a lasting impression on the both of them. I look forward to having them back so I can show them another amazing Arkansas Adventure!