When I first started thinking about having the dual sport business here in town, I was mostly trying to figure out what bikes would work best for these rugged Arkansas conditions, yet still be comfortable to ride on some pavement. The first thing that came to mind was the Honda XR line of enduros. When I was younger, my dad had an XR 250 that was awesome in the woods and fun when we’d go ride dirt roads. The best thing about the XR’s is their reliability and their ease to ride, so I figured that two XR 250’s and two XR 400’s would be an ideal fleet.

I managed to find all my bikes by perusing through the local Craigslist postings in the closest metro areas. I picked up both of my XR 400’s and one of my XR 250’s just north of the border in neighboring Missouri. The first XR 250 that I acquired had a Baja Designs Enduro kit already installed, so that gave me a pretty good idea of the quality of the kit and how everything worked. It all looked very clean to me so I went ahead and ordered up three more kits; two for the 400’s and one for the 250 that I had arranged to purchase in Dallas. I also had to put together a pretty hefty parts list just to freshen all the bikes up and make everything feel fairly similar, as well as adding some crash protection.

Once all the Missouri bikes were inspected and parts were ordered, I had some time to kill. Luckily there was a Texas Tornado Boot Camp going on down in Houston during my waiting time! I’ve been attending and instructing at TTBC for a few years now and I recommend it to any motorcycle enthusiast to help build and sharpen your riding skills, as well as having a great time with cool people. So on my way home from Houston, I stopped through Dallas to pick up my last 250. I was so thankful that I found such clean, used motorcycles. There’s a lot of junk out there but I learned that if you search hard enough, you can find the nice stuff eventually!

Now that I had all my bikes and parts, I had some work to do to make everything street legal. Luckily the bikes didn’t need too much more than installing the enduro kit and a general once over/lube and service. I was happy with how simple the enduro kit was to install as well. The stock XR250/400 has a constantly running headlight and taillight but no blinkers, brake light, or hi/low beam for highway use. The kit includes all of the above plus a horn and a tidy wiring harness that plugs into the stock charging system. Needless to say, I got pretty efficient at installing the kits after doing three bikes and then inspecting and tidying up the 250 that came with the kit pre-installed!

So now that everything is installed and I’ve gone through the licensing and registration processes, it’s time to go for some rides!! Stay tuned to see how everything is running and when Froggy’s Moto Tours will be open for business…