This was the first Christmas that my dad and I have spent without my grandparents around. They both passed away in the spring of last year and that just left my dad and I to celebrate by ourselves. We had talked about doing a number of different things but once the holiday was finally upon us, we were still undecided on what to do. We had a big group of people that wanted to go for a mountain bike ride on Christmas eve day, so we both went for a nice pedal. I ended up meeting a very cool couple that just moved down to our area, Kendall and Alissa, on the mountain bike ride and we started talking motorcycles. They informed me that they both had dual sport bikes, so I thought we should all go on a Christmas Day ride since the weather was supposed to be perfect!

I got up early Christmas morning and loaded a 400 and a 250 in the back of my truck and headed for my dad’s bicycle shop where were all supposed to meet. Kendall and Alissa were already there waiting on my arrival with their Suzuki DR400 and DR650, so I unloaded quick and we started coming up with a plan of route. My last adventure with my buddy Shea Fouchek, I had wanted to make it down to Sweden Creek Falls but we ended up running out of daylight. I asked if everyone was interested in going to try and find it and everybody was down for the adventure!

We headed south through the Madison County Wildlife Management Area and blasted through some of the gated roads that are only open during hunting season. It’s a little nerve racking knowing that the people you come up on back in those woods are hunting, but those roads are only open for a few months out of the year and they are way too much fun to pass up! We stopped and saw a few waterfalls in the WMA and then kept heading south for Kingston. We were all kind of hoping that the little cafe in the Kingston square would be open for a quick snack, but Christmas is Christmas and we had to be thankful that the gas pumps were at least pay at the pump!

Once we got past Kingston, we found our way to the trail head for Sweden Creek Falls. I’ll admit that it was a little more of a hike than what I really wanted to do in motocross boots, but once the 81′ waterfall was in sight it was totally worth the hike! We all spent a good 30 minutes or so grabbing pictures, eating snacks, and taking in such a beautiful natural spot. We hiked or way out and then Kendall said he knew of a different way to drop back in to Kingston, so we followed him for a while. Its always nice to be introduced to new roads and routes when you’re out exploring. It helps me get a better lay of the land and I know for certain I will incorporate the roads he showed me in future tours.

When we started heading home, I wanted to take a certain road that I know of that has a cool creek crossing at the bottom of it. The last time I had been there I was riding solo and the creeks were all really high so I wasn’t able to cross. We all made it without any issues but there were a couple of foot dabs in the cold creek water, including my own!

So the day turned out to be a success and a wonderful day spent on two wheels with good company. My dad had fun riding my 250 and 400 (I think a little more fun on the 400!) and I was thoroughly impressed with the skills that Kendall and Alissa showed me. It’s awesome when women can get out and ride with the boys and it shows me that these┬árides can be fun for all genders and ages. Here’s to a Christmas Day that I’ll remember for many years to come!

Hiking down to Sweden Creek Falls

Sweden Creek Falls


Alissa Creek Crossing