After I returned home from Wisconsin, where I was working for the abruptly shut-down EBR Motorcycles, I was looking to get my hands on a street legal dual sport motorcycle so that I could start doing some more dirt road exploration in my own back yard. My dad just happened to be trying to sell his Suzuki DR650, so I picked it up from him and began making it a little more off-road friendly. For months I rode all over the surrounding areas finding waterfalls, overlooks, and unforgettable dirt roads.

So I had the dual sport bug pretty bad. Especially since I wasn’t getting to do what I’d done for the previous 15 summers… Race sportbikes. But I had the idea that if I could get some nice motorcycles that I could rent to people, I might be able to share all of these beautiful adventures with like minded motorcyclists that are passing through my home town. I kept exploring and brainstorming but I was running low on money and had to go back to work.

I went back to working for my buddies trail building company for about a month and realized I needed to make a move on my ideas before manual labor made me an old man! Then I was fortunate enough to go on a 5 day Costa Rican dual sport adventure with Colin Edwards and the rest of the crew from Texas Tornado Boot Camp. After that adventure concluded, I knew for certain that I could offer up something comparable right here in Northwest Arkansas.

I immediately started searching Craigslist for some dirt bikes, found exactly what I needed, and went to the bank to ask for a small business loan. The next day I came home with 3 motorcycles in the back of my pickup! So my mission was now clear, I just needed a name for my business…

My grandmother had passed away earlier in the year and had left behind a very interesting legacy in the form of her gift shop, museum, and popular Eureka Spring business, Frog Fantasies. As a child I would come to visit her in Eureka and would roam the amazing 8,000+ collection of frogs (jewelry, toys, ceramic pieces, etc.) that she had been acquiring since she was a child herself. I was always fascinated with her love of frogs and the when she passed away, she had left all the frogs to me. So I thought “What better way to carry on her legacy in Eureka Springs than naming my business after what she left behind?!”.

So now I am the keeper of the frogs and I would like to invite you to come ride with me at Froggy’s Moto Tours in the beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas!